The Hair Transplant Center – New Jersey

The Hair Transplant Center – New Jersey provides natural hair restoration surgery in Bergen County and North, Central, and South New Jersey.

We specialize in advanced hair replacement surgery, including both FUT and FUE hair transplants, using the ATERA, WAW, Cole, and Ellis FUE Systems.

New Century Surgery Center, 37 W Century Rd,
Suite 113, Paramus, NJ 07652, United States

Dominick Golio, M.D.

Dr. Dominick Golio is an experienced facial, oculoplastic, cosmetic, and hair transplant surgeon trained at prestigious medical institutions, including New York Medical College.

He specializes in several hair transplant surgery techniques and hair restoration methods, including the W Hair Transplant Harvesting Technique for MEGA Sessions. Request a complimentary consultation!

Natural Hair Transplant in NJ

We offer advanced hair transplant surgery for long-lasting results. This includes FUT, FUE, WAW, Ellis, Cole, and ATERA FUE techniques.


Suffering from a hair loss problem can surely lower your self-esteem. But don't be despaired because there is hope!

Looking for a trusted hair transplant center in New Jersey that gets results? Search no more. Call The Hair Transplant Center – New Jersey today at 201-716-1903 and find the best solution for your individual needs.


Dr. Golio will carefully examine your scalp so that we can determine which hair restoration method is the best for you.

Moreover, we’ll provide alternative hair restoration treatments when you do not fit the criteria for surgical transplants.

Looking for a hair transplant in New Jersey?

Contact the The Hair Transplant Center – New Jersey to receive the benefits from Dr. Golio’s experience and our innovative hair transplant technology for reduced pain and scarring and faster recovery times.

We are proud to serve patients from throughout New Jersey.

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FUE Surgery

For those who want long-term and permanent results, a surgical FUE hair transplant is a good solution to restoring lost hair. The procedure, which involves removing a strip of tissue from the donor area, is not painful and lasts only about six to eight hours.

Hair loss is a difficult thing to go through and can be scary. However, there are treatments available that can help you grow your hair back. The Hair Transplant Center – New Jersey has minimal risk factors with no recovery time or scarring. On top of that, we aim to give our clients natural results that last.

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About our FUE hair transplants

FUE hair replacement surgery can be done in as little as one day. So, you will be able to head back to work just in a few days without taking too many vacation days.

With this treatment, our hair restoration surgeon Dr. Golio takes individual follicles from the scalp and then transplant them to bald spots on the head. This allows for more natural-looking results than other types of transplants. It also mimics how hair grows naturally in healthy individuals.

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ATERA: A Permanent Hair Loss Solution

The ATERA is one of the most advanced and safest ways to harvest hair. The ergonomic design of ATERA provides hair doctors like Dr. Golio with better control and precision. The sterile irrigation flush preserves the viability of each graft. Precision surgical punch allows the doctor to determine the diameter and depth of extractions so that they can make gentle but complete impressions, creating one simple process for harvesting your healthy skin cells from your donor site.

The ATERA offers a new level of comfort in harvesting healthy hair follicles.

Top benefits of ATERA FUE hair
restoration surgery:

  • The digital graft counter helps the surgeon know many grafts are harvested.
  • ATERA FUE hair transplant lubricates the root of hair follicles during harvesting. Furthermore, it keeps the grafts lubricated until the implantation.
  • ATERA FUE hair transplant is much faster and efficient compared to other FUE methods.
  • This procedure also allows for a quick recovery with minimal risk.
  • The minimally invasive technique is more comfortable and effective than strip hair surgery.
  • With little or no scarring, the hair restoration is long-lasting with minimal risk.

Why Choose Us?

  • Hair restoration is all we do and we do it well.
  • MEGA sessions up to 4,000 grafts
  • 20 years experienced oculoplastic and facial plastic surgeon
  • We only do one or two procedures at a time.
  • Custom solutions — not one size fits all.
  • Hands-on, fully involved doctors and clinicians.
  • FUT, FUE, PRP, SMP, products/supplements, laser, and other solutions.
  • Affordable prices.
  • WAW, Ellis, Cole, ATERA, and Custom FUE technologies
  • 0% financing.
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