FUE System

Have you been considering a hair transplant? If so, you've likely heard of the FUE technique. But what is the WAW FUE system, and how does it differ from other hair transplant methods?

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) has been used by surgeons in various medical fields for over two decades now. It involves removing individual follicles from a patient's donor area with tiny punches or “wounds” made using a blade or needle-like device called an “extractor.”

The WAW FUE hair transplant system makes an FUE procedure more accessible, faster, and more productive. In addition, this innovative device helps in solving the specific challenges involved with FUE hair transplants.

What Is the WAW FUE System?

The WAW FUE System is an innovative hair restoration technique that uses a particular machine to extract donor hairs from the back of your head. This process allows for more follicles than traditional harvesting methods, leading to fuller, natural-looking results.

In short, the WAW FUE system has made the FUE procedure more accessible, faster, and more productive. It makes the follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure minimally invasive and advantageous compared to the FUT procedure. In addition, the WAW system helps you obtain a higher amount of hair per graft. Therefore, a much lower transection rate and fewer missing grafts occur. Moreover, the WAW FUE system helps in reducing the scars while making the harvesting much faster. 

The WAW FUE system makes use of a uniquely shaped extraction device. It mirrors the natural shape of the follicular unit closely. The device consists of punches that have an internal and external border. Also, the square-shaped outer border of the flat punch cuts the scalp with a sharp blade at low velocity. The inner edge of the graft is smooth enough to dissect the hair graft by moving forward without cutting or transecting it.

This innovative design allows Dr. Golio of The Hair Transplant Center – New Jersey to extract many high-quality grafts without making a big incision. At the same time, it also decreases the risk of damaging the healthy follicular units during the extraction. The WAW System minimizes cuts with its small blade size of about 0.8 to 0.1 millimeters in depth. As such, it helps speed up the healing process and limits the visible scars. 

How Does WAW FUE Work?

The WAW FUE hair transplant system has made the once complicated process of follicular unit extraction (FUE) faster, easier, and more efficient. The advanced WAW platform offers a duller and sharper punch to penetrate the skin with significantly less trauma than ever before.

The trumpet-shaped punch oscillates vertically and horizontally. Moreover, this device’s oscillation and rotation feature allows deeper penetration to the hair shaft with no damage. This feature is necessary to prevent damage to the donor site after removal. At the same time, it creates an opportunity for growth at the recipient site.

The WAW FUE extraction device uses a suction feature during the punch, which speeds up hair follicle extraction and reduces procedure time. It preserves the health of harvested follicles and creates grafts with an increased survival rate thanks to its lower transaction (the incision placed across a follicle that causes damage) rates, which reports show at less than 4%.

The WAW FUE extractions devices feature one significant improvement: a state-of-the-art vacuum system for extracting hair follicles without damaging them. This dynamic machine fastens onto the root to minimize pain levels. 

WAW Instruments: Tools and Devices to Create Better Hair Transplants

The medical field has made many improvements in hair restoration. Dr. Jean Devroye has developed a way to extract follicular grafts by combining a pedal and punch that uses a motorized device to extract follicular units.

Dr. Devroye developed a punch that can cut the skin at low speeds, but it does not tear the hairs in the graft. The most advanced Hybrid Trumpet punch assists hair transplant professionals who want to provide high-quality results to their patients.

The new model of the WAW FUE System has wireless control of three dials that makes it easier to get good results. These controls include the following functions:

  • Adjusts the angle or arc of oscillation.
  • Alters the speed of oscillation.
  • Enhances the initial velocity of the punch.
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Enhances the initial velocity of the punch

The hair transplant surgeon can modify the acceleration speed, oscillation mode, and angulation with the features. In addition, this technology delivers beneficial score counting, which the doctor can reset anytime. 

The Hybrid Trumpet punch is a type of punch that has two different edges, both dull and sharp. The HT punch also ensures that scalp tissue does not become ruptured or torn during the process. With a soft 90-degree outer edge and smooth funnel-shaped inner edge, this device allows surgeons to penetrate a patient’s head more efficiently without causing any trauma to the skin. In this case, the Hybrid Trumpet punch works as a scalpel would when performing surgery. The instrument makes the perfect dissection tool because it can cut without damaging expensive devices or breakable equipment.

With the threading movement, the hair restoration surgeon can go deeper without damaging hair follicles. With the punch suction effect, hair extraction occurs quickly to make it easier on your scalp and remove more hairs in one sitting. This procedure won’t damage follicles, which are essential to the hair regrowth process.

Deep penetration combined with high rotation speed and wide oscillation leads to torsion of the follicular unit. The goal of this instrument is to produce FUE grafts similar to FUT grafts. One advantage of this innovation is that it yields results identical to those obtained with the FUT technique, but many other benefits exist as well, which include:

  • Reducing the rate of transaction and pairing.
  • Decreasing the damages and injuries of the follicular unit during extraction.
  • Lessening the number of missing grafts and the intrinsic quality of extraction.

New grafts are less transected, plumper, and have a richer hairline design with the WAW FUE system. Now, hair restoration doctors can experience high-quality grafts as well as quicker completion of the procedure. 

Benefits of WAW FUE Hair Transplants

If you are thinking of getting an FUE hair transplant in New Jersey, you want the experience to be as painless and comfortable as possible. With the WAW FUE system, technology for a hair transplant has improved over time. This technology makes it more likely that people will get good results. The instruments have improved, too, and so has the surgery.

This specific design and a new approach to follicular unit extraction procedures bring the following benefits: 

More Grafts and Hair
Much Lower Transection Rate
Diminished Scars
Faster Extraction
Less Missing Grafts

More Grafts and Hair

Follicular hair units have a conical shape and splay out. These conditions increase the chance of damaging the surrounding hair. At the same time, they can decrease the number of grafts obtained. 

To extract the whole graft, your doctor must raise the punch diameter. In the FUE procedure, sharp punches get used for this purpose.

The unique and specially designed shape of the Hybrid Tornado punch allows for higher quality grafts. Also, this procedure does not compromise the number of grafts harvested during the extraction. 

Much Lower Transection Rate

Many doctors are opting for the “Hybrid Tornado Punch.” The device is less aggressive than standard punch grafts. In addition, the 90-degree outer edge makes it easy to pierce the skin. 

The instrument has an inner edge shaped like a funnel that works in a vertical motion. When harvesting follicular units, you can be sure that the transaction rates are as low as 3% to 8% only.

Diminished Scars

The smooth inner shape of the punch allows it to pass through the skin while avoiding transections. That way, you don’t have to worry about getting scars on your scalp.

Faster Extraction

The Hybrid Tornado punch is a new process for grafts, and it may take more time for the surgeon to make the hole for the implant. But a good thing comes from this development: It leaves the grafts untied. These high-quality grafts make the extraction process fast and easy, which saves time in general.

Less Missing Grafts

The Hybrid Tornado Punch uses sharp and dull punches to cut grafts without damaging them. As the pressure of the punch spreads out, it creates a vacuum that sucks up any tissue left behind to create less risk for missing grafts.

The new hybrid Tornado Punch uses two types of punching: one with moderate force and a sucking effect from a funnel-shaped inner edge designed to reduce the lost area during surgery by more than 50%.

What Is the Best FUE Hair Transplant Method?

The WAW FUE system is the most advanced hair restoration procedure available. Unlike other methods, it significantly reduces the chance of damaging follicles while providing unparalleled flexibility in removing them without disrupting any surrounding tissue.

Hair follicles grow in a cone shape that gets wider at the base. For maximum effectiveness, the width of the punch needs to expand when it reaches the bottom of the follicle so that a surgeon can get all of it without damaging the follicle. If the circumference increases as the surgeon goes deeper, this action will increase the risk of hurting some portion of the follicular unit or the surrounding follicles. 

With the help of the WAW FUE System, taking the graft becomes easier. Additionally, the graft is more elevated so that the surgeon can gently remove it. At the same time, fatty tissue gets left behind to protect the follicle from damage due to dehydration and trauma.

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WAW FUE Assisted Device

With the WAW FUE system, Dr. Golio and his team of hair restoration specialists can use a punch that could cut the epidermis at low speeds. At the same time, surgeons can still dissect grafts without transecting follicles within them.

In that case, it is possible to penetrate deeper with reduced speed and still get the same number of hairs per graft, leading to a higher success rate while speeding up the harvesting process.

This state-of-the-art hair restoration device offers a tremendous success rate. At The Hair Transplant Center – New Jersey, our patients spend less time at the doctor’s office during a transplant procedure. 

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