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Facing hair loss can be emotional, but you have options. With FUE hair transplants, you can achieve natural-looking hair restoration with minimal pain or scarring and a short recovery time. Dr. Golio, our hair surgeon at The Hair Transplant Center  – New Jersey, specializes in the FUE technique for patients throughout the state, serving them from our convenient location in Paramus, NJ. 

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What is a FUE Hair Transplant?

A FUE hair transplant involves surgically harvesting individual follicular units (hair follicle skin grafts) from donor areas of the scalp using circular incisions or punches done by a scalpel or other extraction tool.

FUE hair transplants can be referred to as follicular unit extraction, follicular transfer, or commonly today as follicular unit excision. This process is also known by the acronyms FOX, FIT, and FUM. The harvested hair follicles can be removed in a random order, which means there’s less noticeable thinning at the donor area.

The survival rate of grafts can be around 90%, making FUE hair transplants a highly successful procedure. Additionally, because circular incisions are used instead of one long linear incision at the back of the head, there’s less scarring. With nearly invisible scars, this procedure is often popular amongst people who wear their hair short.

The price of a FUE hair transplant depends on the patient’s health and goals for hair restoration. The starting cost for each graft is typically anywhere between $3 and $6. The costs of a FUE procedure and whether you’re a good candidate will be discussed during your consultation.

Why Choose FUE at The Hair Transplant Center – New Jersey?

The success of your FUE hair transplant is based on the skill, experience, and knowledge of the hair surgeon who performs it. Dr. Golio and the team at The Hair Transplant Center – New Jersey have a reputation for quality hair restoration results and patient satisfaction with FUE and other procedures.

At our hair restoration center, we understand that every patient and FUE procedure is unique. Our doctors use advanced technologies (like WAW FUE, ATERA FUE, Cole FUE, and Ellis FUE) during FUE hair transplant surgery to deliver lasting results tailored to your goals and needs.

We pride ourselves on maintaining high ethical standards when it comes to consultations and pricing. That means we have no hidden fees, and you’ll receive an honest and thorough consultation before we recommend the right hair restoration treatment for you. After your consultation, you’ll leave our office knowing exactly what you’re paying for and confident about your hair restoration surgery.

Meet Dr. Golio

Dr. Golio has over 20 years of cosmetic surgery experience, leading our team at The Hair Tranplant Center – New Jersey with the utmost care. While Dr. Golio can perform general and plastic surgery, he is also specifically trained in FUE and FUT hair restoration procedures. Not only will you receive specialized care, but you’ll also experience Dr. Golio’s hands-on approach.

At The Hair Transplant Center – New Jersey, we believe in transparency. After a thorough consultation, you’ll leave our offices with a clear understanding of what to expect from your hair restoration procedure, from cost to recovery.

How much does a FUE procedure cost?

The price of FUE treatment depends on the current health of your hair and your desired goals. You may need to transplant more follicles if you’re experiencing severe loss, which can impact your total cost. Each graft is typically anywhere between $3 and $6.

The Benefits Of FUE Hair Transplants

Who Is A Candidate for a FUE Hair Transplant?

What is a Simple Explanation of How FUE works?

What FUE Techniques Do You Use?

What FUE Technologies Do You Offer?

FUE vs. FUT: What is More Effective?

The Benefits Of FUE Hair Transplants

If you’re considering a FUE vs. FUT hair transplant or another procedure, here are some of the benefits you can expect from FUE.

Results That Look Natural

A FUE procedure delivers natural-looking results because it harvests hair follicles in natural groups. The result is a more natural appearance at the treatment site.

Quick Recovery Time

FUE is an in-office hair transplant surgery that only requires local anesthesia. The procedure may take around 8 hours to complete. Your recovery time should be quick with less discomfort compared to other hair transplant procedures. Many patients return to their normal activities within a few days.

Minimal Scarring

The random harvesting of follicles at the donor site results in minimal to no visible change in density. Incisions around the hair grafts during FUE are so small that you’ll have little or no visible scarring. This means you can wear your hair at a shorter length if you prefer with no indications a hair transplant occurred.

Quality Results That Last

Dr. Golio’s experience and harvesting techniques during FUE allow him to select healthy and strong hair follicles from the donor site for the transplant. This results in quality results that tend to last as long as the life of your natural hair.


Who Is A Candidate for a FUE Hair Transplant?

Men who are experiencing thinning hair or male pattern baldness at the top or front of the head are usually a good candidate for a FUE hair transplant. FUE is also a popular treatment with patients who prefer to wear short hair because there is no visible affect or alteration at the donor area. Ideal candidates for FUE treatment are also generally in good health and have realistic expectations for the results. FUE can also be an option for women experiencing hair loss. Dr. Golio will discuss your eligibility for FUE treatment during your consultation.

What is a Simple Explanation of How FUE works?

FUE is a hair transplant method where a surgeon removes individual healthy hair follicles in a random order from different areas of the head and transplants them into an area where the patient has thinning hair or baldness. FUE has a shorter patient recovery time and less postoperative discomfort compared to FUT hair transplants.

What FUE Techniques Do You Use?

Dr. Golio may perform a FUE hair transplant in several different ways.

FOX Test

A FOX test is used to determine the viability of your hair follicles. Your hair surgeon removes about 100 healthy follicles, checking to see if they can be easily removed without damage. If the test shows favorable results, you’ll be approved to move forward with your FUE.

Follicular Unit Separation Extraction (FUSE) Method

The FUSE method uses a similar microneedling tool used in a traditional FUE. However, the needle in a FUSE procedure doesn’t go as deep, which makes the possibility of extracting healthy, intact follicles greater.

FU Isolation Method

The FU Isolation method removes one follicular unit at a time with a small punching tool that scores and grabs the follicles. Once the unit is extracted, it’s implanted into your hair loss site.

PRP Therapy with FUE

You can combine platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy with your FUE procedure to enhance your hair restoration results. PRP therapy uses your blood cells to accelerate healing at the site of your hair loss, producing healthier, thicker hair over time.

What FUE Technologies Do You Offer?

The Hair Transplant Center – New Jersey offers different FUE hair transplant technology systems like Ellis, Cole, and WAW FUE. The best system for your FUE hair restoration will be discussed during your consultation.


The WAW transplant system utilizes a particular machine to extract healthy hair follicles from the donor site at the back of your head. This system enables your hair surgeon to harvest more healthy follicles faster, resulting in fuller and more natural-looking hair. The WAW system also reduces scarring, as the extraction device has a unique shape that mimics natural hair follicles.


One of the most advanced digital hair restoration systems, the ATERA FUE uses patented technology to create exceptional results. The device itself was made to give hair surgeons more control, with a surgical punch that allows them to determine the depth and length of each incision. Additionally, the device’s sterile irrigation flush helps preserve harvested hair follicles.

Cole FUE

Founded in 2022, Cole Instruments provides cutting-edge technology for hair surgeons performing FUE procedures. These specialized tools were designed for donor harvesting, graft storage, recipient site preparation, graft preparation, and hairline design. Dramatically reducing the risk of follicle damage, Cole instruments continue to improve the FUE process.

Ellis FUE

The Ellis FUE system features a rotational sharp punch model that allows hair surgeons to harvest more hair grafts faster. Because this tool is automated, it makes the extraction process more efficient and easier for hair surgeons to use, while also preserving the more delicate tissue surrounding the hair grafts.

FUE vs. FUT: What is More Effective?

Both FUE and FUT procedures can be excellent options for patients struggling with hair loss. Ultimately, choosing between them comes down to the recovery process and the desired results.

FUE is usually preferable for patients who don’t want a linear scar in their donor area. FUE scars are small, round, and less visible. FUT is often a better option for patients who need a larger number of follicles grafted due to extensive thinning hair or balding. FUT may also be more cost-effective than FUE for some patients. 

Dr. Golio will discuss the pros and cons of FUE vs. FUT with you during your consultation.


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