The Ellis

FUE System

Do you want an exceptional hair transplant at a low cost? Today, several hair transplant doctors are using the Ellis FUE system in their hair restoration surgery. This automated sharp-punch procedure with a rotational model enhances the harvesting of hair follicles.

The Ellis FUE system offers a faster way of taking out the hair grafts on the donor area of the scalp. Also, it can serve as a standalone device for the FUE procedure. The automation of harvesting makes it more efficient and better than conventional FUE methods.

The Ellis FUE System provides an ergonomic solution for hair restoration physicians by reducing hand fatigue. It also helps in improving surgical efficiency through increased comfort, ease of use, and control of the punch placement depth. Moreover, it gives hair restoration surgeons better visibility through their magnifying headlamps.

Additionally, the Ellis FUE System improves safety when working with delicate tissues around each graft site. This improvement also allows doctors greater freedom while performing procedures with less stress on patients' skin due to reduced hand tremors caused by fatigue over extended periods during surgery sessions.

Chuck and Andy Ellis have been in the industry for more than 30 years. They take great pride in delivering high-quality products to their customers who serve the needs of hair transplant clients and are committed to providing excellent customer service.