Why Choose us

Quality Matters

At The Hair Transplant Center - New Jersey, we offer cutting-edge technology in FUE techniques using the Cole, WAW, and Ellis systems.

Our staff comprises board-certified hair transplant surgeons who provide innovative treatment options for your needs, focusing on customer satisfaction.

Our Commitment to Transparency Is Unmistakable

Some of the biggest names in the hair transplant industry offer hair transplants with hidden costs. We believe that you deserve all the honesty you can get, especially if you are considering how much money you’ll have to spend to avoid losing your hair.

The number of hair grafts required will determine how much your hair transplant costs. Typically, these hair grafts cost between $3 and $8, but the price depends on who performs the work. If you want a hair transplant, then do not shop for the lowest price.

Rather than being stuck with a less-than-quality transplant, place a value on what makes you happy and content. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Golio for your initial consultation today.

When you schedule your consultation with us, we’ll tell you how much your hair transplant will cost. You won’t have to worry about hidden fees. We set ourselves apart from the competition by providing the most affordable hair transplant prices available. At The Hair Transplant Center – New Jersey, we perform FUE together with Cole, Ellis, and WAW FUE Systems.